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Try HK (Hong Kong) Escorts Tonight: Moving Beyond Missionary

15 Feb 2018

Honk Kong is one of the crowning jewels of China. The city is among the most modern and decadent in today’s world. One can find any and every luxury of the world in Hong Kong. One can also find amazing and talented Hong Kong escorts easily!

Discreet and Diverse

The escorts that you find here are all thorough professionals with experience on the job that they use while they work or render their services. They know the importance of keeping things private and discreet so they ensure that everything remains a secret when it comes to the job. They never share any detail about their encounters with their clients in front of anyone.

They also belong to diverse backgrounds. Hong Kong is known for having an eclectic ethnic population that is very cosmopolitan and traces its roots back to various other parts of the world. You can book as many for as many hours as you please.

Young Wild and Free

The escorts that belong to our Hong Kong escort service are mostly girls that study in universities and are working to pay off their huge student loans and debts. Therefore they have their fingers on the pulse of today.

They are always wearing the latest clothes and using the latest gadgets. They are also very educated with a wild side that cannot be tamed even by the brightest of lovers. If you require educated, intelligent, beautiful and charming escorts then you have definitely come to the right place.

The Hong Kong escorts are well versed with many different positions including the following –

Doggy Style

The ultimate fantasy of many men, doggy style is quite pleasurable for both the partners engaging in it. It requires to bend forwards with her legs apart so that the guy penetrate her from behind. It is extremely easy and pleasurable. Our escorts are masters of doggy style and will make you experience joy like never before.

Prone Bone

This requires the woman or girl to lay on the bed face down. The man then will have to straddle her and then penetrate while straddling her. It is one of the most pleasurable positions in the whole world! Girls and guys equally admire and crave doing it in this position. Our escorts have bodies that were built for this position. You will go blind with pleasure!


Women cite this as the ultimate position when it comes to getting the maximum pleasure. Make sure that our lovely escort is correctly positioned and her weight is also balanced perfectly on your hips. Our girls will do the rest. They are professionals after all and can definitely teach you newer sensations to derive from this position.

Reverse Cowgirl

In this position the escort will straddle you from the top but instead of facing away from you, this time the escort will face you. You can indulge in judicious amounts of eye contacts that will in turn make the whole experience more intense and fulfilling. You can also use your fingers to give pleasure to the escorts. Remember, sex is a thing for two people where it is considered successful only if both the participants derive pleasure from it.


This requires you and the escort to lie down sideways on the floor or the bed. The escort will be in front while you will spoon her from the side. Position your hips lower than your escorts and then you can easily engage in penetrative sex. Many surveys cite this as the top position for both men and women that gives them pleasure. Even porn movies feature a heavy dosage of this position usually.

The ‘x’ position

In this position you will and the escorts will require to sit down and face each other with your legs open or apart. The escort will then climb on top of you and then you can thrust by lifting your combined weights on the strength of your shoulders and biceps. It is extremely pleasing and can lead you to peaks of pleasure and intimacy.

Our escorts are very well versed with all of the positions listed here. Feel free to ask them for them.